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Your Dental Marketing AI Assistants

Automate Content Creation

AI Content Assistant

Automate Content Creation

Instantly generate engaging social media posts, compelling ads, and informative blog content tailored to your clinic's brand.

Design with Ease

AI Design Assistant

Design with Ease

Say goodbye to generic images. Design stunning, brand-aligned visuals in moments with our AI-driven graphic designer.

Streamline Patient Communications

AI Communications Assistant

Streamline Patient Communications

Enhance patient relationships with personalized emails, appointment reminders, and referral programs, all automated to save you time.

How to Get Premium Content Instantly and Effortlessly

Seamlessly intuitive, making expertise optional.

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Studio Create Posts for

    Argeen AI content creator will generate content for any purpose and keep your social media active! Don't have an idea? Argeen AI marketing manager will look for relevant events, and then you can ask the content creator to create posts or offer suggestions.

Boost your social media presence effortlessly!

Generate engaging posts in seconds with the first specialized dental marketing AI, with more than 20+ post options and access to over 150 events! It will provide ideas for posts and events, and instantly craft them for you.

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Generate and Edit Images Instantly

    No need to use stock images, instantly ask your AI graphic designer to design unique, personalized images for your social media posts with your brand colors, and add your logo and details instantly

Argeen AI-Generated Images for Dental Practices

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About the Image

Capture the playful spirit of pediatric dentistry with this custom AI-generated image, bursting with color and fun! Use it to brighten up your website, social media, or waiting room and watch as it brings smiles before appointments.

Practise Brand Colors

  • Gray
  • Pastel Orange
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Content Calendar

See and organize your generated content

    All your generated content in one place so you can organize and schedule it, and create images with one click for any social media post
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Patient Engagement

Engage with your patients through emails and offers

    Instantly create a personalized email or message for post-service guidance engagement, offer, and customized referral emails encouraging patients to refer others

Value Comparison

Keep Engagement High, Stay Within Budget, and Eliminate Stress.

Enhance your team's capabilities without the high costs of hiring additional staff or contracting agencies; Argeen AI is your cost-effective solution to revolutionize marketing efficiency.

Argeen AI Subscription


Your In-House Agency

  • ✓ Unlimited Content Creation
  • ✓ 90 design Requests/Month
  • ✓ Instant Personalized Image Design
  • ✓ Patient Engagement AI Assistant
  • ✓ Patient Referral AI Assistant
  • ✓ Online Reputation AI Assistant

No credit card or commitment required

Best Value

Additional Staff Costs


Minimum for Hiring a Full-Time/Part-Time

  • ✗ Limited Content Creation
  • ✗ Only Stock Images
  • ✗ No Image Design Service
  • ✗ No Patient Referral Service
  • ✗ No Patient Engagement Service
  • ✗ No Reputation Management Service

Expensive, very stressful

Agency Outsourcing Costs


Minimum for Dental Marketing Agency Costs

  • ✗ Limited Content Creation
  • ✗ 90 Design Requests/Month
  • ✗ Slower Image Design Process
  • ✗ No Patient Referral Service
  • ✗ No Patient Engagement Service
  • ✗ No Reputation Management Service

Expensive, still stressful

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No credit card or commitment required

Boosted our marketing significantly! now we post almost daily original content. I really liked the AI-generated events list, which made us able to come up with posts and offers.Dr. Sarah J. - Dentist in Chicago, IL

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